BAC022 – Coliforms and E.coli selective medium

Coliform bacteria are used as an indicator of faecal contamination, due to their presence in high concentrations in faecal matter. Coliforms can survive in both aquatic as well as terrestrial environments, making it perfect as an indicator. E.coli is a member of the coliform group, and are almost exclusively associated with faecal contamination, making it a definitive indicator of faecal contamination in a sample.

Speedy Breedy is particularly effective in detecting the particularly pathogenic strains of E.coli, such as E.coli 0157:H7, which does not possess an enzyme called glucuronidase. It is the absence of this particular enzyme, which is present in 96% of all other strains of E.coli, which makes it undetectable to conventional enzyme-based tests. As Speedy Breedy is not an enzyme-dependant test, detection is made regardless of this, and without the need of specialist laboratories.

The use of coliforms and E.coli as indicator organisms for faecal contamination is considered to be a world-wide standard in assessing water quality.

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