Speedy Breedy® is extremely compact, weighing just 3.0 kilograms. It is portable and operates on 12 volts dc and mains adaptors, enabling conventional and mobile use in more remote areas.

Weight of packaged unit (incl. Power cables, 8 vessels, manual, etc.): 5.4 kg
Height: 40cm
Width: 40cm
Depth: 15cm

Package Contents
Speedy Breedy Unit
Speedy Breedy Software (single user license) and protocols
8 x disposable media vessels
SD card
USB cable
Power Supply Unit and cabling
Quick start guide
User Manual


Speedy Breedy Unit Specification
Measurement down to 1 CFU
Fast detection (*1) – surpasses conventional culture method times
Chamber test temperature control: 5° C below ambient to +45° C
Two chambers can run independent tests simultaneously
Paddle speed control: 0 rpm to 120 rpm
Pressure safety cut-off 1.8 bar
Physical Thermal cut off switch to avoid overheating
Pasteurisation protocol (*2) at +65° C to render culture vessels safe for disposal as per local regulations
Downloadable online firmware updates
Audit trail of results on SD card, which automatically transfer to tablet/computer when connected

Speedy Breedy Unit Physical Specification
Weight of Speedy Breedy unit: 2.75 kg
Dimensions: H: 13.3 cm, W: 31 cm, D: 11.2 cm
SD Card: 2 GB
USB connection
Compatible with 12V DC or local mains AC power supply (Europe: 230 V / 50 Hz, North America: 120 V / 60 Hz, etc.)

Speedy Breedy Culture Vessel Specification
Sample size: 50 ml
Detects: aerobes, anaerobes and facultative anaerobes
Tests: Liquids, Swabs, macerated meat, opaque liquids, ect
Sealed Vessels (sterile – gamma irradiated): Single-use only
Totally enclosed for safe use in any environment
Inoculation port: 6 mm diameter
Septum will self-seal with a 0.8 mm (21G) needle or smaller
Vessel storage: +2° C to +30° C

Software & Computer Specification Requirements
Languages supported: English, German, Chinese (Mandarin)
Single license can work with multiple Speedy Breedys
Range of Protocols
Range of Calibration curves
Downloadable online software updates
Downloadable online calibration curve updates
Protocol development feature
Calibration development feature
Email facility to send notification when contamination is detected (requires tablet/computer and internet connection)
Enumeration feature available for certain bacteria to show estimated CFUs in a sample
Computer minimum spec: > Windows XP
Tablet minimum spec: > Full Windows 8
Compatible port: USB 2
RAM: minimum 1 GB
Free disk space: minimum 1 GB
Processor: minimum 1 GB

Manufacturing Accreditations
ISO9001 manufactured Speedy Breedy units
ISO9001 manufactured Speedy Breedy culture vessels
CE Marked – Speedy Breedy units comply with the low voltage directive

Bactest Limited reserves the right to make changes to this datasheet at any time, without further notice.

Speedy Breedy Culture Vessel Specification

Sample TestSelective pre-populated media, TVC and Empty
CFU in
Sterility and HygieneBroad Spectrum MediumN1Y
E.coliE.coli and Coliform Selective MediumY1Y
ColiformsE.coli and Coliform Selective MediumN1Y
Pseudomonas aeruginosaPseudomonas aeruginosa Selective MediumY1Y
SalmonellaSalmonella Selective MediumN1Y
ListeriaListeria Selective MediumN1Y
StaphylococcusStaphylococcus Selective MediumN1Y
Toxigenic Vibrio choleraeToxigenic Vibrio cholerae Selective MediumN1Y
Clostridium perfringensClostridium perfringens Selective Medium)N1Y
Lactic Acid BacteriaLactic Acid Bacteria Selective MediumN1Y
EnterococciEnterococcus Selective Medium)Y1Y
CampylobacterCampylobacter Selective MediumN1Y
All YeastsAll Yeast Selective MediumN1Y
Wild YeastsWild Yeast Selective MediumN1Y
Empty Aerobic VesselMedium selected by userY/N (*3)1Y
Empty Anaerobic VesselMedium selected by userY/N (*3)1Y

(*1) – Typical detection times vary across bacteria type and levels of contamination.
(*2) – The pasteurisation protocol does not destroy spore-forming bacteria or extreme thermophiles.  Pasteurization does also not apply to Broad Spectrum Medium vessels
(*3) – Depending on the users selected media.

Download the Speedy Breedy Specification Sheet