How Speedy Breedy Works

Speedy Breedy® is a portable, sensitive, precision respirometer which detects and monitors microbial activity. Detection of microbial activity is determined as a consequence of pressure transients relating to gaseous exchanges within a closed culture vessel of 50 ml working volume, as a result of microbial respiration.

Samples are added to a culture vessel containing a suitable medium and where present, contaminating microorganisms begin to grow. Speedy Breedy has advanced mixing technology that homogenises the culture conditions for rapid growth of microbes and efficiently converts gaseous changes in the culture medium into pressure variances in the headspace, therefore allowing detection of pressure transients due to metabolic processes where microbes are present.

Research in microbiology still largely revolves around the 130 year old technique of growing microbes on agar plates or nutrient broths, and subsequently identifying and counting them. Although this is a very safe method, it is also labour intensive, requires more of a laboratory set-up, and doesn’t lend itself to automation for a smaller laboratory. So what if there was a technique which still uses those well-established growth media mechanisms, but could show a completely different angle on how bacteria grow and respire?

Speedy Breedy does just that; Speedy Breedy monitors microbial respiration rates using advanced pressure sensing technology. The change in pressure caused by microbial growth and respiration can then be visualised in near real time with the help of Speedy Breedy software, displaying the data either as a graph or in numbers which can be easily exported into Excel.

Speedy Breedy is revolutionising microbiology. For the first time bacteria can be grown in a highly controlled, automated environment without the use of agar plates and the associated lab and auxiliary equipment, while still using growth and selective media. Speedy Breedy is a user-friendly culture system with two chambers which can independently heat and cool. Through the innovative use of sterilised, sealed, pre-filled vessels and non-invasive mixing, Speedy Breedy can be used as a rapid, portable bacterial test.

Through measuring the metabolic gas exchange (thus the rate of bacterial growth) it is suitable for measuring the effect of microbial inhibitors or enhancers / growth promoters, such as in antibiotic or biocide research. It can also monitor bacterial gas production in response to a change in environment.

Speedy Breedy is a portable microbial culture system suitable for use in the field or remote areas where having a lab or even transporting it to one might not be feasible.

Not only can Speedy Breedy be used by microbiologists or researchers looking into microbial biochemistry, but it can also be used by non-experts wanting to carry out microbiological tests.

With Speedy Breedys ease of use and low cost, it is a great microbiology teaching aid for schools or universities.

Continuous data collected by the Speedy Breedy unit is analysed in real-time to provide pressure transients. Detection algorithms process these pressure transients, alerting the user when significant changes have taken place.

Speedy Breedy measures both positive and negative pressure, which means that monitoring can be performed on a range of microbial processes reacting to differing conditions within the culture chamber.